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You have the power to save the world

When global temperatures hit 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures, the world will see devastating floods and droughts, displacement of tens of millions of people, and the permanent destruction of nature. Millions of people will die from heat exposure, the spread of diseases, malnutrition, and natural disasters.

Global Warming Projections for 2100 (Source: Climate Action Tracker)
At current rates, the world is expected to hit 1.5°C by 2040. And the odds of keeping global warming to just 2°C are low. 3°C warming is the realistic minimum, and it’s incredibly likely that we’ll hit more than 4°C by 2100. There is “no documented historic precedent” for the actions we must take to prevent this.

Most of us will be alive to see this happen. This is going to be the legacy of our generation.

There is one way to make a comeback. If we can cut global emissions of CO2 by 45% by 2030 and make it 0% by 2050, and if we can increase renewables from 20% today to 85%, we can save the world. But to do this, the world needs to increase investments in clean energy tenfold from $280B to $2.4T every year. Where is this $2.1T going to come from?

This is the problem that we debated.

Let’s be honest. It’s not going to come from governments -- the U.S. has pulled out of international environment treaties twice (the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement), and we haven’t even managed to set a carbon tax. It’s not going to come from industry -- according to internal documents, the oil industry, automobile industry, and electrical utilities have known about climate change for over 50 years, and haven’t done anything.

It’s also not enough to just install solar panels on your own roof. Carbon is a global budget, so we must change every part of the world. It won’t matter if one corner of the world is 100% clean if the other corner of the world is 100% dirty. But many parts of the world are industrializing with carbon-intensive technologies, even though they have abundant clean energy resources (Africa is the sunniest continent on earth) because financing isn’t available to these areas to develop solar energy.

We need more money going into clean energy, and we need money going to the right places. We created Jumpstart to give the world a fighting chance. We believe that if we give people the ability to act on climate change, they will rise to the occasion.

Jumpstart is a crowdfunding platform that enables anyone or any company to fund clean energy projects anywhere in the world. We connect loans to thoroughly-vetted projects that have the highest marginal value. With Jumpstart, the power and the responsibility to save the world is no longer in the hands of global organizations and governments.

It’s in the hands of people like you.