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Bringing solar to everyone

Saving the planet and your wallet

It's now easier than ever before for you to support solar energy! Jumpstart homeowners can lock in monthly leases that cost at least 10% less than their normal electric bills, while also protecting against outages, blackouts, and natural disasters.

Supporting solar should be easy

To get solar, you typically have to pay ~$15K upfront for a solar panel or commit to a 20-year contract, for which you need a very high credit score. For example, the minimum FICO score for SolarCity residential customers is 680 and the average is 762.

Jumpstart makes solar accessible

Jumpstart offers a 100% upfront payment service for residential customers- making electricity contracts much more affordable (saving 10-30% compared to buying solar panels), making grid-independence a more viable solution, and opening up clean energy to a large number of households that don't have the FICO or business credit score necessary to support solar.

...and hassle-free

By installing solar with Jumpstart, you're guaranteed expertise and quality control from our affiliate partners. Also, the process of transferring ownership is simple, since the cost of our solar lease is cheaper than utility electricity. And we'll sell your Renewable Energy Certificates to others to keep your rates low.