Rewards | Jumpstart

Rewarding you

Seeing your impact

Once project construction is complete, we'll let you know exactly how much impact your contribution is making- how many people you provided power to and the environmental impact of your contribution.

Receiving your return

For return projects, we structure deals on a case-by-case basis, but aims to offer APR of 5-15%. In some cases, Renewable Energy Certificates may be offered, which will be retired on your behalf. This will give you the legal right to claim that you are "clean".

Understanding your return

There are a variety of factors that affect the return on your contributions. The better the solar system performance, the better the market incentives, and the more the customer benefits from the solar installation, the higher the return on investment.

Understanding your risks

If, despite our extensive selection process, a project were to default, we'll do everything in our ability to return contributors' principal. However, given that there is some risk that a principal will not be returned, we recommend that you only contribute amounts that you're comfortable losing.